Wednesday, March 9, 2016

7 Amazing Photos Capturing the Essence of Same Sex Love

Recently, a big buzz about same sex marriage has my country talking after a certain politician/boxer compared lesbian and gays to animals. Personally, I think love is beautiful regardless how the society sees it. Love is when two people started to care and start living not for him or herself alone but also for their other half. Love should be a union of two individuals who promise to stay together, respect one another and promise to believe in forever.

I am not pushing for what is wrong or right nor what the society dictates morality should be. Not going against religions or belief. I just want to show how beautiful love can be regardless all the hindrance, love survives in its purest form. Let me share you this 7 amazing photos capturing the essence of same sex lovers proving that love wins always.

1. Love is a simple moment you get to share with a person that evokes true happiness. photo source

2. Love is having the courage to commit regardless of all the hindrance. photo source

3. Love is starting a life together. (photo source)

4. Love is exploring new places and enjoying each moment of it. photo source

5. Love teach us responsibility. photo source

6. Love is a celebration of a union of two hearts who'll never be apart. photo source

7. Love is timeless. photo source

*All photos used in this blog post are not mine and reserves the right to its owner. 

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