Monday, January 16, 2017

5 Must-try Cakes with Creative Flair

We all love cakes and it’s always going to be the cherry on top in every luscious meal. Whether it’s a celebration, simple get together and just a normal day cakes is always a good idea. But nowadays, it’s hard to find the right cake that will make you crave for more. So let me show you my list of 5 must-try cakes in the metro with its own creative flair.

Capture the fun vibe of the rainbow and put it in a yummy cake creation.  Every slice of a Rainbow Cake is just pure joy with its mild sweet flavor and matches with a colorful appeal.

Rainbow Cake by Rainbow Cakes & Pastries
IG: @rainbow_cakesandpastries

We all enjoyed a classic ube cake once in our life but I bet a Mille Crepe Cake version of it will give you a run for your money.

Ube Mille Crepe Cake by Papermoon

Get to grab a cartoon themed cake anytime and enjoy it’s must-try chiffon cake in the inside with yummy fillings.

Doraemon Cake by Amor Bakery

A classic pinoy dessert that everyone loves captured in one must-try cake experience.

Halo-Halo Cake by UCC Vienna Café

Favorite Macaron dessert now has its cake version. Anyone would love this yummy dessert on their next celebration.
Macaron Cake by Tous les Jours

*All Photos used in this blog post is credit to its rightful owner. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5 Creative and Useful Christmas Gift for the Man of Your Life

After the Halloween trick-or-treats, now it's time to get ready for the Christmas Season. Early shopping is a nice idea to make sure you won't get stock in the mall with all the last minute shoppers. So, the hardest part in Christmas shopping for me is buying a man a gift they'll want and actually use. I researched some good gift ideas that will fall on the description of "practical" and "creative" gifts for man.

Classic but always reliable Personalized Printed Shirt

What's great about Personalized Shirts is that you can customized the design based on the personality of your men! Also let's admit it that guys loves to wear nice printed shirts.

A Cool Shoe Key Chain is also a fun and creative gift for men.

Men can be so obsessed sometimes with their shoes. So why not give them a miniature version of it right!? 

 A Hygiene Kit  is another creative and practical gift you can give. 

Because the men in our lives needs a little pampering sometimes to get his handsome look. Support his manly beauty with a set of must have hygiene essentials.

Get your men this awesome Panda Bamboo Sun glass

Every guy wants a good pair of sunglasses and putting some unique touches into it wouldn't hurt  ;)  Bamboo + Sun glass =  AWESOME!!!

Light up your man's crib with a fun Lava Lamp

Add up some cool vibe on any man's crib buy giving them a cool Lava Lamp  which can come in various designs and color. 

Hope my list helps you out and always remember that at the end of the day "it's the thought that's counts". Also make sure that your gift fits your men's personality and ofcourse something that they can always use. Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

8 Awesome Career Advice You Should Keep In-Mind

As young adults of this busy and competitive generation, we all need to get inspired. Life was supposed to be hard and dreams are always a mile away. We tend to give up, loose hope and feel down but always remember that the only choice is to fight. Success is not for the cowards and quitters. Take chances, accept defeats, strive for perfection and be the best version of yourself.

Check out these awesome career advises you should keep in-mind during though times and then go out there to conquer the world!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

10 Cute Dachshund Puppies You’ll Love to Take Home

Happiness comes in cute sizes and especially with a cute dachshund puppy! A week ago, we foster a cute dachshund named Chelsea (now Sugar) and she’s the cutest puppy of them all. Sugar is smart, playful and has the cutest puppy eyes you’ll ever see. Having dogs bring extra smiles in your life and lots of playtimes.  Dachshunds are known to have been stubborn, energetic and loyal breed. They love to cuddle and follow you wherever you go. If you are thinking of getting a long time doggie best friend, a doxie will surely fits the bill. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 cute dachshund puppy photos to back me up.

Who can resist this bunch of cuties!?

Loves to chew anything they see...

Dachshund puppies has the cutest smiles.

They are also great with costumes ;)

Dachshund puppies will make this face when you're gone for work.

And wait for you until you come home. 

Both of you will spend a lot of cuddle time together.

A Dachshund would be the most adorable puppy you'll see.

They sometimes comes in to this world in big groups.

and steals your heart in a second.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Photos of a Cute Dachshund Puppy That Stole our Heart

A week ago we met a charming Dachshund named Chelsea whom we will be fostering until my Brother pick her up to take home to Baguio City. Chelsea was a happy pup with a pure heart. She loves to jump around, chase balls, play with squeaky toys and sleep. I’m used to taking care of Dachshund dogs since I already have two of my own. What makes Chelsea extra special for me is that she’s my life partner’s first actual puppy to take care of. My partner was not used to being around dogs and just got accustomed to it because of me.  Chelsea is her first puppy love and we even had conversations where we consider of keeping her for us. But Chelsea was destined for someone else and it breaks our heart to let her go.

Today is the last day we’ll be spending with the cute Dachshund puppy that stole our heart, so we decided to go on a picnic with her on a local park. Tomorrow she will be with her family and my prayers are that she fits in happily to them and may they have lots of patience and love for this little one.

This blog post is intended to be a precious memory for me where I get to share our Chelsea’s photos as she sits on my lap and slowly fall asleep. Happiness and big love comes in small package :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

7 Amazing Photos Capturing the Essence of Same Sex Love

Recently, a big buzz about same sex marriage has my country talking after a certain politician/boxer compared lesbian and gays to animals. Personally, I think love is beautiful regardless how the society sees it. Love is when two people started to care and start living not for him or herself alone but also for their other half. Love should be a union of two individuals who promise to stay together, respect one another and promise to believe in forever.

I am not pushing for what is wrong or right nor what the society dictates morality should be. Not going against religions or belief. I just want to show how beautiful love can be regardless all the hindrance, love survives in its purest form. Let me share you this 7 amazing photos capturing the essence of same sex lovers proving that love wins always.

1. Love is a simple moment you get to share with a person that evokes true happiness. photo source

2. Love is having the courage to commit regardless of all the hindrance. photo source

3. Love is starting a life together. (photo source)

4. Love is exploring new places and enjoying each moment of it. photo source

5. Love teach us responsibility. photo source

6. Love is a celebration of a union of two hearts who'll never be apart. photo source

7. Love is timeless. photo source

*All photos used in this blog post are not mine and reserves the right to its owner. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

DIY Chocolate and Tulips Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated season here in my country and probably around the world. Time to get romantic for some lovers out there, as they plan the perfect gift.  This year, as I celebrate the season of love with my partner it is important for me to put special thoughts in my gift. My goal is to make her a version of my DIY Chocolate and Tulips bouquet J


This is really simple yet thoughtful since you put more effort into it. So let’s start with the things that you’ll need for this fun and romantic project.
  • -          Green Wire 
  • -          Hershey’s Kisses (almond and cookies and cream flavor)
  • -         1 mini Toblerone, 3 mini KitKat, Lollipops and 2 mini Cadbury bars.
  • -          3 tulips (I used red, pink and white in mine)
  • -          Accent plants
  • -          Red and pink crepe paper
  • -          Pink Ribbon
  • -          Scotch Tape
  • -          Plastic Straws
  • -          Plastic Wrapper

Now let’s start making this cute project for our sweetheart ;)
Step 1: Make paper roses using crepe paper.
Step 2:  Put Hershey Kisses inside the paper roses and tie it with your green wire.

Step 3: Bundle the Kisses roses together with your 3 tulips to add a touch of flower in your bouquet and decorate it with some accent plants.

Step 4: Get creative and add more sweets!!! Lollipops, Cadbury bars, KitKat, Toblerone and a Valentine greeting for a more colorful effect.
Step 5: Arrange everything according to your preferred design and use scotch tape to hold it together. 
Step 6: wrap it with crepe paper, plastic cover and tie with a bow.

Now time to plan on how you can surprise your sweetheart with this beautiful and sweet Valentine gift. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
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