Thursday, July 6, 2017

Piolo Reveals His Secret in Achieving “AMOY-ARTISTA” Scent at His Grand Fans Day

Last July 04, 2017 (Tuesday), I was invited to attend Tide Perfume Fantasy product launch at Century Mall, Makati. It was my first time to be invited as a blogger but what I didn’t know is this day will be filled with many more “first time experience”.

I had the impression that it will just be a typical media briefing but it turned out to be something more fun and special. Tide’s new Brand Ambassador, Mr. Piolo Pascual chose to share his secret in achieving “amoy-artista” to his beloved fans. Tide Organizing a PIOLO PASCUAL Grand Fans Day was truly a great gesture and they made it a memorable experience for everyone.

Piolo “Papa P” started the event by serenading his fans and interacting with them closely so they can get to smell his “amoy-artista” scent. There where fun games and surprises for all the die-hard Piolo Pascual fanatics and the host teach everyone to do a "smellfie". But what made the day extra special is when he gets to share his secret to smelling so good! Some would say, it’s probably by using an expensive perfume but you’ll be surprise to know that the BIG SECRET is a new detergent.  

The BIG SECRET is out!!! You can now get to have the “amoy-artista” scent like Piolo just buy using the new Tide Perfume Fantasy. It has Downy perfume mircocapsules that clings to clothes even when exposed to malodors kaya Parang Naka-Perfume Everday si Piolo! So make the big switch and get the chance to smell like Mr. Piolo Pascual with the new Tide Perfume Fantasy (only 6 pesos per sachet).

The event ended with everyone being extra happy by meeting “Papa P” and getting the inside scoop of his amoy-artista scent . We all get to go home with free samples, a cute Piolo Pascual fan shirt and a happy memory of this awesome event.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Tide with Downy Perfume. 

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