Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happiness With My Fluffy Friends

I think when you ask any close friend of mine to say something about me, I bet they’ll say “Oh she loves dogs”. My fluffy friends have been with me for almost 9 years now and I really love every minute I spend with them. Pure happiness is anytime I get to spent with my fluffy friends.

The sad part of having a dog is to know that they won’t always be there in your life, so every moment spent with them is special. That’s why I capture every simple, cute and special moment of my fur babies. I have three gorgeous Dachshunds in my furry family and a Chihuahua that I’m taking care for a friend.

Bubbles a.k.a. “The Pack Leader”
She is my eldest dog and was originally owned by my sister who migrated to Australia. Bubbles is a sweet puppy and really smart too. Though she’s not as active as my other dogs but her witty tricks will leave you wowed. She has the strongest personality among my furry family and that’s why she became the leader of the pack.

Cooper a.k.a. “Mr. Charmer”
Everyone is his friends as long as it’s not a cat. Cooper always gives his biggest smile and endless licking to anyone who wants to say hi to him. He’s the most active among my fluffy friends. A proud “mama’s boy” and “best kuya ever”.  

Sugar a.k.a. “Happy Kid”
Sugar is just pure joy, the youngest among my doxies. She loves attention from her mommies and fluffy friends. Don’t be fooled with her sweet face because she is not the typical “girly” dog. Her hobby is chewing anything she sees and making a mess at anything (I still love her though, to the moon and back!).

Kurt a.k.a. “Mr. Pogi”
Kurt is owned by a good friend of mine who’s currently living at Canada. I took care of him since he was a little puppy so in my heart he’s part of my fluffy family. He is the youngest and that makes him the most playful. Kurt has a personal relationship with my three doxies and it’s funny how he balances his time with all three of them.

Happiness comes with four legs and a waggling tail. That is why every moment spent with them is worth capturing and remembering. All the birthday celebrations, walk at the park, driving around, Christmas and just cute lazy moods. For me, the best memories of my life are the once that I get to share with my fluffy friends. Their pure love for you is captured in every photo you take and the smiles are truly priceless.

I look forward to many more happy years to capture special moments with my fluffy friends and I need an awesome smartphone to help me with it. Oppo is now widely known as a smartphone with one of the best cameras. Now, taking selfies with our fluffy friends is as its best when you use Oppo F3 #SelfieExpert!!!

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Finally, a phone that is perfect to capture my happiest moments with my beloved fluffy friends <3

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Happiness With My Fluffy Friends

I think when you ask any close friend of mine to say something about me, I bet they’ll say “Oh she loves dogs”. My fluffy friends have bee...