Sunday, February 14, 2016

DIY Chocolate and Tulips Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated season here in my country and probably around the world. Time to get romantic for some lovers out there, as they plan the perfect gift.  This year, as I celebrate the season of love with my partner it is important for me to put special thoughts in my gift. My goal is to make her a version of my DIY Chocolate and Tulips bouquet J


This is really simple yet thoughtful since you put more effort into it. So let’s start with the things that you’ll need for this fun and romantic project.
  • -          Green Wire 
  • -          Hershey’s Kisses (almond and cookies and cream flavor)
  • -         1 mini Toblerone, 3 mini KitKat, Lollipops and 2 mini Cadbury bars.
  • -          3 tulips (I used red, pink and white in mine)
  • -          Accent plants
  • -          Red and pink crepe paper
  • -          Pink Ribbon
  • -          Scotch Tape
  • -          Plastic Straws
  • -          Plastic Wrapper

Now let’s start making this cute project for our sweetheart ;)
Step 1: Make paper roses using crepe paper.
Step 2:  Put Hershey Kisses inside the paper roses and tie it with your green wire.

Step 3: Bundle the Kisses roses together with your 3 tulips to add a touch of flower in your bouquet and decorate it with some accent plants.

Step 4: Get creative and add more sweets!!! Lollipops, Cadbury bars, KitKat, Toblerone and a Valentine greeting for a more colorful effect.
Step 5: Arrange everything according to your preferred design and use scotch tape to hold it together. 
Step 6: wrap it with crepe paper, plastic cover and tie with a bow.

Now time to plan on how you can surprise your sweetheart with this beautiful and sweet Valentine gift. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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