Thursday, December 26, 2013

Alpo Philippines Christmas Video | Cute Dogs Give the Best Holiday Gift

Don't we just all love celebrating Christmas? Here in the Philippines, I personally think that it is celebrated in a more special way. As the world knows, our country have suffered from one of the strongest storm that ever hit land. But the Christmas spirit in my country is just too strong to be beaten down by a super storm.

We Filipinos celebrate this season of joy closely with our family. It may be a full house or just quiet dinner time for most small families. But one thing is for sure, dogs are also considered as a special part of the family. I can speak proudly that this is the case in my home last December 24 midnight where I live with my mom and 2 fur babies. Christmas is for the kids and in our case it's for my two doxies.

This video from Purina Alpo Philippines definitely captured the essence of Christmas in a quiet home with a fur baby. Dogs is equals love and anyone who disagrees with this is missing a lot from life. As said from one of my favorite quote “Until One has Love an Animal, Part of their Soul Remained Unawakened”.

So let's all have a furry moment watching this Christmas Video from Alpo Philippines showing how cute dogs give the best holiday gift. Hope you love it as much as I did and wishing you all a lovely end of the year celebration.

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