Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthday Celebration | Glad to be Globe Story

I just celebrated my birthday yesterday, making me quarter of a hundred years old. Looking back in my younger years, made me realized that I was not as good with words as I am now. That’s where Globe fits in to my life, allowing me to say things that I needed to say.

It was my high school years when I can actually say that I was young, wild and free. Mostly I found my comfort zone when I’m with my friends hanging out. At home, I was a person with few words.  We’re a family of five and making me the youngest. I can still remember how lonely birthdays can be in our household. The pathetic thing is that in my 25 years of existence I only got to blow 3 birthday cakes. (1st and 7th birthday included)

Every time there was a celebration then, everyone just pretends that it’s a normal day. Making it hard to figure out if it was forgotten or they’ll have a surprise for you.  The best gifts for me were not the things or amount of money that I received. Rather it’s the simple greeting from my family letting me know that they remember my special day. It’s the simple “happy birthday anak” message from my mom that makes my heart skips a beat. Also with Globe I can express my simple gratitude by sending a thank you message back.

Now that we’re older birthday greeting are done face to face. But I’m just happy to look back in my younger years where our life was a little tougher; a simple text message helped us remember that the care within our family was still there.

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