Friday, March 29, 2013

Creative and Yummy Doughnut Photos

Doughnut has been one of the favorite pastry around the world because of it's delicious flavor and perfect texture. I am personally trying to come up with a doughnut that has the simple appeal that will leave you wanting some more. It's no denial that people nowadays are in search for that perfect food that keep them wanting some more. That I can prove specially here in the Philippines where people literally wait hours in line to take home a  box of donuts that really created social buzz. There are few things in life that we are willing to spend money and spend extra effort. One of the top ten in the list would probably be delicious foods.

As an advertising graduate and now in the field of marketing I do understand how branding affects the craving of the people. Where ordinary pastry turn into a must have due to the demand of the consumer. Although in reality one of the best marketing when it comes to food is their lasting impression to it's consumers. I'm not referring to taste only but also how you present it and the customer service interaction. I do remember my college professor stating that one of the best from of marketing is word of mouth. It is actually true specially that now we are in the social media and blogging era. One consistent consumer insight in my point of view is that good words travels a long way and also that goes for negative experience.

Well I'm getting off track here, I just can't kill the advertising side of me. My whole point for this blog post is that when it comes to marketing in the food and beverage industry image matters. Although I would prefer delicious foods but it will also helps to make it look tasteful. So join my doughnut crusade and let's all check out this collection of yummy but also creative looking doughnut photos.

This donut is perfect for all the fruit lovers out there, this is actually what Lady Gaga pair with her wine.

It's never too late to try something new! Check out this yummy concept for a flavored donut.

Simplicity is beauty! This basket of mini classic donut is a living proof.

Sometimes the little things makes a big difference! Like this little munchkin donuts serve with choco dip.

Let your creative mind pop out in your next donut creation!

Don't hesitate too make your donut look pretty!

Last but not the least.... Classic flavors will always look and taste yummy.

Hope you enjoy my little doughnut adventure in this post. Maybe next time I'll post my own doughnut photos and until then let's all have fun exploring for that perfect doughnut that fits our delicate taste. 

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