Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cute Christmas Photos of Pets

Christmas is mostly for the kids but in my case it's for my two lovely doxies. Pet's are family and they love to celebrate Christmas too. With jolly outfits and overflowing cuteness. Here's a collection of cute pet photo's that will surely make you smile and laugh. From cute to searious to candid shots. Pet's are just too hilariously cute in photos. Have fun checking my top favorite Christmas pet photos and hope it made you smile big time.

"Why are they laughing at us?!"

"It's a PUGGY Christmas!"

"I'm too smart to pose for you... Behlat!"

"sniff... sniff.. sniff... Looking for my Christmas carrot"

"I look so cute right!? Now give me some of those!"

"The things I do for you to give me some treats.." 

"Is that Santa out there!?"

" Tell me what you want for Christmas little Kitty"

"Surprise! I'm your Christmas present!"

"Hey! Why do i only see half of you?"

"Mum! I think my hat is too big..."

13 days to go before Christmas, hope everyone is done with their preparation. Also don't forget to buy your pet babies some Christmas treats.

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