Friday, December 7, 2012

Creative Christmas Wrappings Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and for sure everyone is in a rush to finish their gift's shopping. Because it's the season for giving gifts, let' us see some creative ways to wrap those precious gifts. Add your personal touch and show off those gift wrapping expertise. Here are a list of creative ideas on how to wrap your gifts this Christmas. Simple, Unique and out of the box concepts to share to Santa's Christmas elves.

1. Geeky Christmas Wrapping

Perfect for a geeky Christmas concept for your gifts. Have fun and be unique with this simple layout with an extra twist. source

2. Christmas Wrapping Project for Kids

Christmas is a special event for everyone but the most who enjoy it are the kids. So let them get involved in your Christmas wrapping project by putting their own personal touch in your gift bags. source

3. Eco Friendly Christmas Wrapping

Helping the environment and coming up with a personal and unique Christmas wrap is a win win! You can recycle used and scratch papers by making something new out of it. source

4. Artsy Christmas Wrapping

This is a perfect concept for all the people out their who loves to create something personal and artsy. source

5. Themed Christmas Wrapping

Base your Christmas wrap on a certain theme and stick to it's every little details. source

6. Too BIG Christmas Wrapping

There a Christmas gifts that are too big to wrap or put in a box so it can't be figured out. So why not make it literal and add a twist into it. source

7. Deco Christmas Wrapping

Add some of your old Christmas decorations as your gift wrap accent. What better way to make something out of it rather than throwing it away. source

8. Multi-Function Christmas Wrapping

Make your Christmas Wrapping sync with you home decoration. Instead of having a pile of gifts under the tree, why not make it part of your Christmas decoration in your home. source

9. Cloth Chistmas Wrapping

Simple yet very creative concept of using old table clothes for the Christmas gift wraps. source

Hope you found inspiration in my post and if you have any other ideas to share just leave it in the comment box. 18 day to go before Christmas! It's the season to get wrapping...fa la la la la la la la la la

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