Monday, October 1, 2012

Puppy Love: Collection of Cute Puppy Pictures

Even small puppies experience their own puppy love! That’s the cute thought I had this morning when I woke up. There is no denying my love for dogs, especially because I have a pair of cute doxies that makes my life happy each day. When we browse social media networks, one of the most liked and shared are the cute puppy pictures. Who can resist the charm of puppies posing for the camera right?  So I came up with a cute concept for this blog post where I’ll be showing different photos that features “puppy love” scenarios.

So get prepared to have your “awww….” moment while checking out this collection of cute puppy pictures.  This will totally increased your love for dogs, seeing them in their different puppy love moments.

"Mr. Puppy Romantic"

"Cute puppy love"

"Puppy love against all odds"

"Whispering sweet words of love"

"Love and Friendship"

"Innocent Love Story"

"Funny Puppy Love Moment"

"Emo Puppy Inlove"

"Love on the Street"

"Puppy Valentine"

"This is destined!"

"My puppy love is a kitty!"

"Love and Hate Story"
(meet my two doxies ^_^ Bubbles and Cooper)

"Be my playmate forever. High Paw!"

"Age doesn't matter"

"Our parents set us up!"

"You make my puppy heart jumpy"

"Puppy Love with a doggy stranger"
(I took this photo, stalking dogs at the park. lol)

We all have our puppy love moments and seeing this photos can remind us how beautiful it is. So high paws! to all the dog lovers out there and let's continue snapping those cute photos. Hope you enjoy checking out this cute puppy pictures collection.

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