Monday, September 24, 2012

Fun and Creative Social Media Icons

Do you like to blog or create your own website? Then you must know that it's important to link your social media channels to your blog or site to create more traffic. But lay-out and design gives more appeal to your home page and your social media icons should blend in perfectly. So let's check out some cool social media icons that you can use to give your home page an extra boost.

Page Peel Social Media Icons

Splatter Social Media Icons

Bulb Social Media Icons

Latte Art Social Media Icons

Yammy Social Media Icons

Vintage Postage Stamp Icons

Yellow and Black Comment Bubble Icons

Thinking Networks Icons

Silver Inlay Glowing Glass Icons

Woven Fabric Social Media Icons

Mazu-maz Ikonki Social Icons

Spherical Soial Media Icons

Hope you found a set that fits perfectly with your page lay-out design. Time to make your home page social media friendly with this fun and creative icons.

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