Friday, October 26, 2012

Collection of Australia's Best Photography

Australia, "The land down under" is known for it's natural surroundings that preserves it's wildlife. I am an animal lover and it brings back the memories when my mom first went for a vacation in this beautiful country. I was so amazed hearing the hospitality of the people and the fabulous places she went to visit. So it made me think that someday I'll be staying in Australia and now I am here. Not staying for good because I'll always be a certified Filipino and Philippines will always be my home. But having the opportunity to stay in this country for three months, longer than my last visit allows me to appreciate Australia more. I am not here for pleasure but more on family trip so I won't get to travel fabulous places in the land down under. Having said that it got me inspired to showcase photography shot in Australia as my first blog post made in Aussie.

I researched photos that I think shows how amazing is the gifts Australia has and how people did a great job preserving their country's natural beauty.

Western Australia

Sydney, Opera House

Australia's Outback

The Pinnacles, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia

Sydney, Opera House

Ayers Rock, Australia 

Bondai Beach

Fort Ferry Lighthouse

Corryong, Victoria, Australia
Hope you got inspired with my favourite Australia photography that feature it's breathtaking sceneries and trademarks. Tourism in this country is a must tyr, enjoy the best of the land down under has to offer.  

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