Thursday, May 12, 2016

10 Cute Dachshund Puppies You’ll Love to Take Home

Happiness comes in cute sizes and especially with a cute dachshund puppy! A week ago, we foster a cute dachshund named Chelsea (now Sugar) and she’s the cutest puppy of them all. Sugar is smart, playful and has the cutest puppy eyes you’ll ever see. Having dogs bring extra smiles in your life and lots of playtimes.  Dachshunds are known to have been stubborn, energetic and loyal breed. They love to cuddle and follow you wherever you go. If you are thinking of getting a long time doggie best friend, a doxie will surely fits the bill. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 cute dachshund puppy photos to back me up.

Who can resist this bunch of cuties!?

Loves to chew anything they see...

Dachshund puppies has the cutest smiles.

They are also great with costumes ;)

Dachshund puppies will make this face when you're gone for work.

And wait for you until you come home. 

Both of you will spend a lot of cuddle time together.

A Dachshund would be the most adorable puppy you'll see.

They sometimes comes in to this world in big groups.

and steals your heart in a second.

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