Wednesday, November 2, 2016

5 Creative and Useful Christmas Gift for the Man of Your Life

After the Halloween trick-or-treats, now it's time to get ready for the Christmas Season. Early shopping is a nice idea to make sure you won't get stock in the mall with all the last minute shoppers. So, the hardest part in Christmas shopping for me is buying a man a gift they'll want and actually use. I researched some good gift ideas that will fall on the description of "practical" and "creative" gifts for man.

Classic but always reliable Personalized Printed Shirt

What's great about Personalized Shirts is that you can customized the design based on the personality of your men! Also let's admit it that guys loves to wear nice printed shirts.

A Cool Shoe Key Chain is also a fun and creative gift for men.

Men can be so obsessed sometimes with their shoes. So why not give them a miniature version of it right!? 

 A Hygiene Kit  is another creative and practical gift you can give. 

Because the men in our lives needs a little pampering sometimes to get his handsome look. Support his manly beauty with a set of must have hygiene essentials.

Get your men this awesome Panda Bamboo Sun glass

Every guy wants a good pair of sunglasses and putting some unique touches into it wouldn't hurt  ;)  Bamboo + Sun glass =  AWESOME!!!

Light up your man's crib with a fun Lava Lamp

Add up some cool vibe on any man's crib buy giving them a cool Lava Lamp  which can come in various designs and color. 

Hope my list helps you out and always remember that at the end of the day "it's the thought that's counts". Also make sure that your gift fits your men's personality and ofcourse something that they can always use. Happy Holidays!!!

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