Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Taking Gifting to the Next Level: Wish I have a “SM Santa Genie” this Christmas

When you know that –ber months is here, you’ll feel that most Filipinos are getting ready for the Christmas season. The time to start writing down your gift list for yourself and the people you love the most. A season where people are feeling extra generous to share their blessings and ready to splurge on their hard earned year-end bonuses.

This year, the most-loved mall in the Philippines is making our Christmas Season extra special by launching their #MERRYSMCHRISTMAS2015 campaign.

For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s officialChristmas microsite and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber. Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015.

Making me imagine my Christmas to be extra special by wishing for my very own SM SANTA GENIE ^_^ 
A cool! cool! cool! SM Santa Genie who’s ready to grant three wish list of mine <3 <3 <3  

For my first wish, gifts that I want to give to myself. 

A fun one stop shopping at SM Department store is all I need.
I want to give myself the gift of music by buying a fun red speaker for my desktop, the gift of dream by purchasing a new cupcake tray for me and my partner’s new home-based baking  business and lastly, I’ll give myself the gift of self-confidence by getting a new cool black pants. 

For my second wish, gifts that I want to give to my loved ones <3

For my Mama, the gift of communication by giving her a cool red phone from SM Cyberzone. So she’ll always feel close to us.  For my big brother, the gift of staying young at heart by playing with a fun remote control race car from Toy Kingdom. And for my sister (sassy dress), soon to be sister-in-law (fun bangle) and bro-in-law (hip truck cap), the gift of fashion by giving them their most fave clothing and accessories picked from SM Department Store wide variety of items.

Of course, the kiddos in my family deserve the cutest gifts of them all.
Giving my two dachshund fur babies the gift of PAWSOMENESS with delicious bacon treats and new dog collars from Pet Express. As for my nephews; the gift of knowledge (by giving them books from National Bookstore), the gift of fun (with cute pens from SM Department Store and a tablet from SM Cyberzone) and lastly the gift of fashion (by grabbing hip dresses and tops from the variety of choices at SM Department Store). Also I want to teach my nephew the gift of charity by bagging three cute teddy’s from SM Christmas Bears of Joy

Last but not the least is a gift list for my lifetime partner <3
I’ll give her the gift of time with a pink G-shock watch from Time Depot, the gift of health by staying active with fashionable Nike running shoes from SM Department Store and Lastly, the gift of fashion with beautiful dress & pants from H&M or Uniqlo.

For my third and final wish, are gifts that will help me give back to our community.
I wish to give back to the awesome people from PAWS by giving them the gift of support in their cause. I want to be able to shop for food, toys and blankets at Pet Express for the cute orphan fur babies in their care. Because I do believe that all animals have the right to be safe, happy and healthy.

Now time for the magic word ;)
“Wish I may, wish I might, have my SM SANTA GENIE for me and my loved ones delight!! ^_^”


Disclosure: This is my entry to the Nuffnang and SM Supermall's Merry SM Christmas Blogger Contest. As usual, all thoughts and opinions as well as suggestions mentioned in this post are entirely my own and were not influenced.

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