Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 Photos Captured in the Rain

Rain brings out certain emotions to different people. Some feels loneliness as others felt a certain joy in their heart. Regardless of how we all feel about it, rain will always just be around the corner waiting for a great time to shed its raindrops. It doesn't hurt to capture it’s beautiful effect to our surroundings and how people acts in a cold rainy day.

Here are 10 photos captured in the rain that will surely make you gush. The simplicity of the shot and the extravagant appeal of a casual rainy day in your our everyday lives.

Playtime in the rain.

Cute bird trying to embrace the rain.

Happiness of being young on a rainy day.

Gotta love this couple's photo!

Beautiful rain silhouette.

Peaceful walk in the rain.

Awesome timing!

Priceless photo of a little bird under the rain.

Solitude in a busy street.

This dog just want to have fun.

So next time rain comes your way, don't forget to bring out your camera for that perfect shot. Because rain may come and go but the beauty you'll capture with it is forever embedded in your photo.

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