Saturday, June 23, 2012

How Energizer and Nuffnang Powered My Lifestyle

Energizer and Nuffnang power my lifestyle through their endless supply of "power technology".
Maybe you are curious what do I mean with the term "Power Technology", allow me to give a brief explanation.

I am an active advertising graduate / social media manger who loves to take candid shots of all things around me (specially dogs) and wants to share it to the world. That's where Energizer and Nuffnang came in to bring more power to all the technology that are present to me right now. Having an old model DSLR camera is very costly, since I have to continuously stock 3 pairs of AA batteries every trip. But then my captured moment with not so techy DSLR is suddenly boost with "Power Technology" by using Energizer ultimate lithium batteries. Now I only need to buy a pair of AA and Energizer will do the rest. Truly, they are the makers of the world's longest lasting batteries available in the market.

Now that I can pursue my "feeling" photographer moment and showcase it using my social media network. Nuffnang plays a big part to this one, because now I have the "Power Technology" to share in real time. Also interact with fellow bloggers and social media enthusiasts.

Now my lifestyle is truly energized with every captured moment!
Ordinary days now becomes sweeter!

Simple things becomes amazing...

and every placed I visit leaves a captured moment to share.
Bondai Beach | Sydney Australia

Tagaytay and  Anawangin Cove | Philippines

I would love to take another amazing "Power Technology" moment with this blog post and keeping my fingers crossed to win the tickets. Thanks for reading my entry and wish  you more power.

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